Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good People Dreaming

As I mentioned recently, I spent a couple days last week with representatives from the Salvation Army (Canada and Bermuda) who were brought together by the Territorial Youth Secretary David Ivany, who is a compulsive dreamer and committed champion to the youth and youth workers he serves. Our agenda was to develop a "manifesto" for youth work across the territory. It was a bold target, if we were to come up with anything more significant than just another evocative t-shirt slogan. Thankfully, this group was not only willing to enter into the process, they were also unwilling to take the easy way out. I was both impressed and inspired.
A couple highlights:
-one of the youngest people in the group standing up to me when one of my suggestions would have led us to an earlier conclusion that would have beeen far inferior than what emerged. There was a reason this was one of the people the group selected to put their shared heart cry into words.
-Dave Ivany saying tto mee in a quiet that he has the best job in the world because all he has to do is champion the work of amazing peoplee whilee they willingly go out and do it.
-seeing people work to set aside their personal biasses for the sake of discerning a God-given direction.
-seeing a very high degree of thoughtful reflection and theology that supports some remarkably innovative work among the many desperate communities both in urban centres and rural areas.
-being welcome in the presence of people who show courage to stand up for what they believe they are called to.

The product of this process can be seen at the Salvation Army youth website. It is worth your time to have a look, and add your responses to the discussion.

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